The Atencio Journey - Home of the Atencio Clan

by Andy

It’s a Graduation, It’s a Wedding, It’s an amazing month of May!

The month of May was a hectic one in the Atencion household.  The month started rather mundane but gained speed quickly.  Ian’s car died and that prompted us to start a planned new car search sooner than expected.  We found a car, a beautiful Jaguar XF.  Had it shipped through CarMax from St. Louis, only to find when it arrived that it did not have half of the options it claimed to and that it had interior wear that was not reported. So back to the drawing board.  Kim decided she was less interested in the Jag at this point than she was an Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Sport.  The car is really nice and gets great mileage for a 3.0 liter V6.  So the search began…  We found one in of all places Forth Worth, Texas that had everything she wanted.  So a couple of long distance phone calls later and I was driving to Texas to buy a car sight unseen.  Met up with the kids, got to meet the grand-puppy, and we went and picked up our new ride and left the Santa Fe with them in Texas.  36 hours of travel and Kim now is very happy to be driving her new car.


So the very next week we had the granddaddy of all weeks…  Liberty graduated on Wednesday, which meant that a bunch of family (including Ian) arrived on Tuesday.  We are so proud of our baby girl and the work that she did this year.  Her commitment to school and hockey was outstanding and she was very successful in both.


Then the very next day it was off to Texas for Ian and Sara’s wedding!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so amazing to get to watch the kids walk the aisle and take their vows.  We could not be happier for them and for all the blessings that are going to come from all of that.





Now it is June and we need a nap!